LaGrange Transformation

LaGrange home exterior

Jeff and Julie and their four children are rare and wonderful in so many ways. So it wasn’t surprising to the team at Studio Nigro that they had an exceptional amount of faith in the potential for their home. Most people would have had a difficult time envisioning their 1950s-era red brick ranch as a spacious, modern home. But Jeff and Julie had a vision, and we loved partnering with them to bring that vision to life. By tearing off the roof and adding a second story, we dramatically altered the form of the house. To keep the home in scale with neighboring houses, we changed the remaining single-story roofs to opposing slopes. Staining the existing brick, as well as new brick at the rear of the second story, helped tie the new and old together seamlessly. Wood accents added warmth and depth, completing the palette for this completely re-envisioned family home.

Project categories: Residential

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