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News and Observations

Speaking at EnviroFEST today at noon! Stop by if you are in the neighborhood! Learn HOW and WHY to ELECTRIFY your home!
Building professional friends--join me and Illinois Green Alliance to learn how YOU can help advocate for the Clean and Affordable Buildings Ordinance to pass here in Chicago. Help Chicago lead the way for a future of healthier, fossil fuel-free buildings for ALL. Learn something, make a difference, and have beachy drinks!
Still in love with this collaboration. So glad you are enjoying your home, @natalie_marotta! As always, thanks a million @bevelandesign!
Designing for Decarbonization-enjoyed sharing our accumulated knowledge and lessons learned with our colleagues today.
Cannot wait to SEE the beautiful styling and photography of @natalie_marotta as she shoots her own home renovation. We were so thrilled to work on this great project with her and her family and @bevelandesign .
Better Bungalow Update—
Basement retrofit done right-this photo sums it up: below slab insulation and vapor barrier, turned up to insulate slab edge, dimple mat tucked down to drain to new drain tile, brick wall will be tuckpointed and then sprayed with a Visconn smart air and vapor barrier. Vapor barrier under slab will be trimmed and sealed to dimple mat. Interior studs walls will be framed and covered with Intello smart membrane, then overlapped by the membrane that is extending down from the wall assembly above and taped for continuous membrane performance. Stud cavities then will receive dense-packed cellulose insulation. Stay tuned for updates of this 'inside the walls' critical assembly performance piece.
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My clients’ new bathroom ready just in time for the holidays.
Went old school-sketching by hand. A rear elevation study for a new house downstate.
Join me and my colleagues at what is sure to be another great series of PHS Hard Hat Tours tomorrow afternoon! So appreciate the chance to show off another great collaboration with #Hoiland studios and Chicago Home Energy.  https://www.powerhousesmart.com/content.aspx?page_id=4002&club_id=621522&item_id=1116766
Let there be (day)light! Skylights are in at the townhouse reno in Lincoln Square.
Excited about the design coming together for a major renovation/tearing the roof off in Libertyville.
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