Lincoln Square Residence

This renovation is a story about the evolving needs of family and how a house can be reimagined to meet those needs. Our client moved to Lincoln Square to be near extended family. She wanted to create her ideal home, but she also wanted flexibility for the future. We redesigned the house to include a separate basement suite that could be used by her many nieces and nephews during their college years. But just as we finished the initial designs, it became clear that the client’s aging mother would need to be moving into the home as well. Studio Nigro adapted the second floor plans to create a comfortable master suite for the homeowner, as well as a separate suite with laundry and kitchenette to accommodate her mother’s needs. Special care was taken in designing the mother’s suite. We incorporated items that she was familiar with seeing and operating to help with memory. Today, what appears to be a relatively small house is really a wonderful home for an extended family of all ages.

Project categories: Residential

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